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Saturday, October 22, 2011

For A Modern Leadership

For A Modern Leadership

the kingdom within has fallen from royal ascendancy
into the weathered walls of obscurity
leaving behind empty shells
with no crown that is fitting
leaving behind the legacy
of torment
of mistrust
of perpetual
for the sake
of war
all the time
the only purpose
seems to be avoiding
at all costs
these costs
have risen now
higher than any prophecy
that could have ever been foretold
in any lost integrity that still might fly above the fray
nothing more than a winged accountant of record
memorizing every last prayer of the collateral dead
as the words ooze across their cracked and forsaken lips
prayers forgotten as soon as they are never answered

Lost In The Formula

Lost In The Formula: Rumi is in dreams as Naima is in reality?

tumbling out of cloud-like embrace of linen heavens
spilling onto hardwood floors like lost collections of dust
as the sound of nearby waves crush color wheels of sound
into circular visions of love holding love
(“this is all about love” said the broken heart mending)

hiking into the wilderness barefoot over rocks and thorns
the bewildered lover never touches the ground with feet
love walks on love walks on love like one foot
after another on a softening footpath  
    love              love             love           love
             love               love            love
looking into each others hearts to see a light is shining
looking into a drop of water to see the ocean as whole
waves of bewilderment breaking overhead
amazed at all the amazing amazement
cloaks of bright lights are discarded
falling like cloudy waterfalls away as
eyes send arrows into each other
sifting out all the bullshit thoughts of
trust this trust that what is meant by you? by yours?
you standing there to give to receive to want to hold
cascade away the sickness into the melting of candles
set out in the windows of souls to guide the way home
guide the way love   guide the way lonely   guide the way back
all are welcome to come into this light   to build this light
soul by soul each one like a separate cell    each one
a piece of it all like a honeycomb of soul    of love
of serendipity in mindfulness    in love
as heads roll over heels heal over heartbreaks
new shoes blues requires you wear no more shoes
barefoot is the price of admission in this wilderness
searching for the life of it in wild grasses lining marshy estuary
running into lagoon full of heron and egret lurking into tadpole pools
looking for no more rules of thought as the feet go off path into brush
finding pumpkin spider hugs and dragonfly kisses abounding all around
lizards rolling under logs into burrows away from predator   not to be prey
kissing starfish kissing urchin running past the first set of dunes whipped high
covered with scrubs and weeds and seagull seeds spitting sandy licks
at coughing lost tongues turned into tonsils too deep for feeling free

she turns away, only to come back when she wants to play with
a playful playfulness that trumps serious in the early morning
every time

all this aging is changed to childhood in a kiss with a laugh and a smile
we walk this garden like moonbeams floating above moss
cool to the hotness of our skin burning into black milkiness
losing all colors to contrast like cinematic pasts uncovered
turning into the mist of vaporized mercury aloft in the lost
nakedness of unguarded moonlit trails into your heart

this is still about love as it is about to be lost on a lake of iron and ice
the winter takes on form as love begs to get one last chance
to transcend the transcendence into the beginning again
the chill of the wind is the world’s heartless answer
but, love can lose all limbs and form to become
light as the wind with no sense of weather
this is what love wants when it is true
this is love when it is most honest

running headlong into the autumnal ocean like this
all beauty is all beauty is what is most beautiful
all about you right now

like robes of light hugging you
pushing the hair out of your face
the wind is playful with both of us
the heart is silent against the waves
as they crash and crash aloud
reciting the fate of all love
along this shoreline
for now

Thursday, October 6, 2011



she dances in twist & turn
rounded moves into the curves
of arching wants
she moves with the rhythm of rainfall across glass
timpani on the windowpane accompanied by crackled logs
placed carefully in the hearth of sickly desires
she holds it together, the space you are a part of
eyes darting into soulflesh like lancing a thousand heartaches
pouring out all the bitterness of the left behind, the life alone
for the moment, the blend is into one
the pour is slow syrupy goodness
it might lie about tomorrow as it lies next  to love
only because it can't escape the moment
anymore than you can
with interlocking fingers
tangled up locks of hair
crisscrossed arms & legs
rocking back & forth
riding up & down
rolling round & round
writhing in & out
settling for nothing more than a cure
a medicinal allotment of precious joy
surging through the inner cosmos
doing all the lovely damage
on the inside
she takes up all she can bear
walks away from all the neglecting thoughts
takes her time in the other room
mingles with the other people
& you swear it was something that was taken away
from you before she came, now it has gone
as if she could leave with that which was never there
walking off into a distant music
to dance away from here
to dance away from you
& you say
let love lead me where it may

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Typing Slowly w/ Just a Left Hand

Typing Slowly w/ Just a Left Hand

you ask yourself
what's the use?

for so long
for o so long
there is
no answer
but the
of it all