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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Road To Hell Is Lined With Billboards

The Road To Hell Is Lined With Billboards

it is already judgment day in japan
but nobody is all that concerned
keep sticking kelp up your ass
hoping for a faith cure from it
hunkered down for the winter
when it is just in time for spring

flooding gets diverted to you
never really washing away sin
barely drowning any sorrow
hardly raising up the ocean
in an ice age of global warmth

plagues have already been
working on us all overtime
antibacterial soap has leeched
into the gene pool like the rare
vinegar of evil piss on the tin roof
of the coastal golf course villages

if you let the earth bleed out
into black pools of terra blood
covering every porous indention
with a slick lubricated doom
it would become the last news show
before anyone really gave a shit
on the too late times

nothing ever happens tomorrow
without some type of conspiracy
born in the bowels of yesterday
makes you wonder how it all got
started in the first place because
the last place you looked was where
it was hiding all along except for the
part you thought was more clever
than anyone had ever seen before

that is actually the part where you
live everyday like it was judgment
live everyday like it was the last
live everyday for the same reason
you are willing to die a little more
day in and day out
you don't need a sign to tell you that
a day of judgment might be worth
a lifetime of bad decisions

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