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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Promise To Naima

Promise To Naima

waking in the warm embrace with all our limbs entwined
holding onto to love that lasts through stormy dreams
she is curling into a ball of nestled beauty in my arms
as I catch glimpses of redemption in her eyes
that are opening into glimmer

dancing in sunlit cascades of warming morning light
she is a garden nymph bringing watering life
to all that is growing out of the musty earth
as her bare feet barely leave an imprint
along the dusty, leafy path

walking along a beach at sunset with gulls overhead
holding hands with fingers interlaced for comfort
looking out across the ocean crests in the distance
as if it could tell the future in a hopeful glance
at the oncoming peaceful dusk

standing in the rain together as we seek shelter from a storm
letting the torrents wash us clean against the cold wall
of the unforgiving end of the world that bounds us all
taking each others temperature as the moment builds
by touching each others hearts underneath layers
of clothing and flesh that burdens us in winter
holding on        holding on       holding on

1 comment:

Mehlynn said...

awwwww! how sweet, cute and wow!!!
I saw my name and had to come look, beautiful. I enjoyed it and the pic is awesome as well :)

(finger snaps, snaps) :)