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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beaten Up Beaten Down

Beaten Up Beaten Down
Written by A. Razor

Introduction by S.A. Griffin
Cover design by Geoff Melville
Edited by Antonio Maranzano

An up and down poetic ride through the life and times of an American writer living in the margins and his sometimes surrealist/situationist/realist view of the world around him.
This book contains so many styles, forms, variations on themes and images that it is in a category all its own. It is apparent that this is a complete work that is the culmination of a life lived on the edge with an original voice that will sometimes echo as if it is emanating from that void that is engulfing the last bit of reality in this universe.
From the early influence of Walt Whitman, Poe, Eliot, Langston Hughes, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Bukowski, Wanda Coleman, librarians & bookstores, ruins of Hollywood & Venice Beach, history of his birthplace in Brooklyn and the place he was raised in San Bernardino, life on the road, life in prison, life strung all the way out to the interactions with today that cause the writer to keep writing in spite of it all, it is all here.
A. Razor's Beaten Up Beaten Down is a trip through an experience that touches so many familiar places, yet will seem so new in its vision of this world that every reader will come away with a new perspective of their own life after reading this book. From the introduction by S.A. Griffin to the last page you will be in for a beating that you will never forget and will hopefully continue to prosper from.

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