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Thursday, October 21, 2010

R.I.P. Ari Up

Madussa Lives Forever

on a night that LA needs a raincoat just to be herself

you send the most roundabout farewell ever heard

your not going nowhere, gyal, buffalo around us all

little girls with microphones breaking bones

no one had ever seen it done like that before

skanking when it was dangerous fun to the

infectious sound system shutdown of shocked

societal soirees slit up skirts of ska soaked

circular sound waves that were used as a target on

your back but you kept it moving until your sound

was the massive sound

rude gyals run London town

you brought it back to never long ago

you live forever in everything I know

imitated plenty since you first broke

down the polished tile walls that separated

bathrooms from girls and boys that you united

in the dancehall, the club, the park, the beach,

the squat, the pit, the bricks of brixton

running like wild animals in the woods

nothing could stop nothing will stop

that sound will live forever echoing

inside my weary bones as yours are

laid to rest before I get mine but I

got a piece of what you were throwing down

forever grateful for that Madussa sound

Ari Up n give a listen, give a fuckin' listen, guv'nah

give a fuckin' listen and enjoy it

this sound kills sounds to make way for love

making way for love for now

and don't forget forever

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