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Thursday, October 21, 2010



"are you crazy??? i love jizz, whether it be on my face in my mouth in my pussy or in my ass!!!!!"

she says these things that make me smile

in little electronic boxes that we send

back and forth to one another

in and out of each others

little fantasy worlds

we work different

sides of the same

camera obscura

in the bowels

of the last

glitter machine

I smile as I read her

140 word or less

proverbial posts

of delightful


I am not crazy,

lil' miss Courtney

you misunderstood me

I was talking about jazz

LULZ instead of love

is all she gives

besides the smiles

then she responds-


is finding out what childhood trauma

caused me to become a crazy sex addict! Too dark?"

trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma

never that never crazy never addict never too much

never never never never never never

darkness is always there to be our mask we wear together

but you keep giving off more light in spite of it all

in lil' bits of 140 words or less