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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Los Feliz

Los Feliz

soft trail along the hillside in a winter park of sunlight

foot falls under oak warm faces smile out

crisp sounds radiant beams of hope

gabrielinos born here forgotten

considerable influence of foreign tongues gone mad

a corporal's name mispronounced in trade

a corporeal life traded away

stars stream at


beauty here among peaceful moments

light, camera, action award/reward

the real love peels away like old lead paint

eyes that glimmer with heart felt desire hold us


far away lands in far away times where to


keep us here like captured light

lost into invisible smoke

at sunrise above

hilly footpaths

this was always meant to be a gift given away

this was always meant to be a place to search out

this vast desert for an oasis

this vast shoreline for an anchoring bay

this loneliness for some momentary




shade from winter heat or summer cool

this was the path this was the arrival

walk up to the vista destination

watch the birds fly away

to a distant ocean of

happiness among us

keep searching out there

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