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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wanna Do What I Did?

Wanna Do What I Did?

push yourself through the hard way

through the glass, the walls, the windows, the roofs

fall hard, fall over and over again, get up, jump up

skate fast, ride fast, drive fast, live fast

seeking seeking seeking

hit the walls and fall to pieces

sure, do the obvious...

read morrison and hendrix and joplin and sly and dylan et al

lyrics of their songs are poems, sure, poetics yes

pick up poe, whitman, yeats, dickinson, browning, frost, sandburg

find wc wiliams, cummings, lorca, eliot, stein, l. hughes, rexroth,

neruda, duncan, ginsberg, ferlinghetti, di prima, young, kerouac, gunn

patchen, waldman, carroll, p. smith, creeley, o'hara, wakoski, corso, berrigan

koch, lipton, perkoff, scibella, brautigan, baraka, rodriguez, angelou, pinero

bukowski, hirshcman, winans, cherkovski, cervenka, acker, lunch, rios, taylor, bogen,

griffin, west, longhi, wannberg, day, knott, micheline, kaufmann, carvajal, flanagan, alfaro, cullen, toomer, spicer, levertov, blaser, lamantia, mcclure, snyder, robles,

alvarado, blood, weinman, lyfshin, hoffman, hoppe, schleager, berry, gehman,

sinister, lerner, lowell, copolla, vinograd, willis, lisick, tea, blowdryer, beatty,

dallessandro, srygley-moore, hartenbach, coleman, mcclean, labounty, burgos,

basho, dorsey, plath, prew, greathouse, reardon, bratten, hardung, kirk, macedo, mollet,

kearney, romo, calvocoressi, cherry, candace, holiday, giovanni, jacobson, baker,

brown, konesky, mazer, addonizio, calder, crane, abee, drehmer, constantine,

clinton, mcnally, parkinson, suarez, george, perl, wallace, townsend, dickel, wehr,

shaw, Lu, bronsky, hayden, pinsky, berrego, twist, sernotti, koweski, chiem, king,

acevedo, bent, curtis, simonian, moraga, king-smith, d. smith, moore, henry, marlowe,

harrington, o-matic, tamblyn, miriam...

just some random suggestions...

...never stop adding to the list of writers you read until you are dead...

eat some pussy, make some children while you are still underaged, get that out of the way quick,

then make real mistakes, lose your rights, get angry at all authority, hate war,

then go out and get drunk, fight for what you believe in, drink more, smoke pot,

breed pitbulls, grow pot, sell speed, make speed, take speed, quit speed, rob banks,

play punk rock live and loud as you can, run chune as a champion selecter, break beats,

make beats, shoot people that have it coming, or in self defense, cut people down with sharpness, learn to work the blade in at close quarters, fight for your life til the death,

run scared, run for your life, run into battle, run tings, run beaches, run escorts around for cash, balance life on triple beam dreams, dress up, dress down, blend in, stand up,

build cars, paint cars, drive cars, fuck in cars, sleep in cars, hop trains, run afterhours clubs, hit the ground running whenever the floor drops from under you, cross the border,

shoot porn, take nature pictures, do grafitti everywhere you go, sell coke, rock it up,

sell rocks, snort too much, smoke rocks, quit that, start again, do acid, do shrooms,

sell dust, smoke dust, sell acid, sell shrooms, grow shrooms, eat pussy, paint, write

and take photos naked, let your hair grow, get stabbed, get shot, get run over, lie

to the police, lie to your lawyer, make films, steal cars, sell guns, smash windows

during demonstrations, throw bricks at riot cops, get beat with truncheons, get run

down by police on horseback, eat pussy when you get out of jail, eat pussy when you

get out of prison, fuck chicks in the ass when they say they want it, smoke opium,

break your back, learn to walk again, smoke heroin, shoot heroin, get strung out,

add coke, have fun, do ecstasy, make MDMA, blow up a house making it, run from

the Feds, smuggle drugs everywhere you go, marry a french girl, leave france, get

kicked out of italy, go to thailand, do time there, go to tokyo, leave fast, go to taipei,

smuggle ice, go to jamaica, smuggle weed, go to lebanon, smuggle hasish, go to

amsterdam, make hash, open squats, go to hamburg, fight nazis, go to toronto,

get kicked out of canada for seditious behavior, almost marry a canadian, go to war

in a third world place, fight on the side of the indigenous underdog, get the hell out

before your own countrymen kill you, begin to miss the women you have left behind

to go to prison, marry an accidental heiress, go against the mob, go against a couple

of mobs, mobs begin to not like you, build a hide out, grow lots and lots of pot, eat

lots and lots of pussy, still keep moving, break your own heart and kick it out the

4th floor window, lose your wife, lose your lover, lose your liver, lose your best friend,

your next best friend, then lose your next best friend, try to stop the velocity, die a little,

eat some more pussy, feel the walls close in, feel the cops close in, see the invisible end,

try to escape, get caught at the airport, lose everything, but, never stop writing...

keep writing...keep reading...more and more...find out you really never had anything

to was always there...lovers and friends who are dead and buried still live

in your heart forever, with every breath you breathe, you have to forget the feeling

that you are empty and will have to ask for help, but it is okay, it is always

there when you ask...your pride won't learn to live with eat pussy

and try to never forget to live...and you read...and you give back all you can...

you watch your grandchild open hug your son and tell him you love him...

you put down the weapons, set the pitbulls free, make your dollars honest and barely...

you struggle to eat, sleep, dream, see, love, hope, have faith, cry, laugh...

you figure, it ain't so have done things that were harder...


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