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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hardcore Explanation

and as I
lap at
the area
the labia
to the
the middle
two fingers
in and pushing
the swollen gash
into my mouth
as I write a
with my tongue
I am aware that
the taste is bitter
some of the time
on occasion to the
point of being a
little bit noxious
and I always persist
because she won't
come real good
and hard
like I know
she wants to
if I don't keep
it up and
keep at it

and my reward
is to see that clit
all cherry red
and blood swollen
at the final moment
and to feel the rolling
shivers and trembles
crest through her body
like great waves
crashing on my face

and its so real to be
with her then
probably the most
real experience I will
ever know with
a woman

but, my jaw usually hurts
long afterward
and sometimes the smell
can be very strong
and it seems like a job

and I would like to write
about the experience as if
it was all sweetness and sugar
all of the time
because sometimes it surely
can be sweet
but not always
so I can't
and that is why
I hardly ever
write any poems
eating pussy

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