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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ice Dealer

a small light oscillates
in a dark space
that stretches beyond
a broken mirror image
of fear
chinese words are exchanged
for severed nerve endings
impulses begin to move faster
to search for meaning
in the middle of velocity
(something here is always in need
of repair)
eyes stare blankly at
skeletal walls
nine days past redemption
emotions become kinetic
all on their own
the broken mirror image
becomes a coffee table
that cuts those who are not alert
the beds here are not for sleeping
they are stations to plan and
launch attacks from
they are the launch pads
of hasty judgments
that tip one of the many
scales a little too far
into the negative
after a barrage
which summons an
ugly apparition
of a crystalline beast come loose
with a voracious appetite
feeding on all gray matter in it’s path
it is the asian curse
on the young aryans
their souls forever tattered
by its transparent teeth
and claws
their eyes forever open
to its transparent
their college degrees
spotted with blood
that drips from the
cold spoons that once
fed them the ice cream
of their dreams
and now holds the nightmare
of their sleepless
and when they need
they will have to
pay dearly

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