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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Invasion

the door gets
kicked in
we come in
Dada is home
coming into you
every way we can
telling you what do
how to feel about it
from moment to moment
what to buy
when to buy it
always reminding you
to stock up on more
because you eat this shit up
you hear us when we tell you
it's not enough
you are not enough
you need the super economy size
because you always fuck up
you always get it wrong
so have some of our shit
on a spoon
some of
our piss
in a bowl
some of
our cum
on your ass
now give us
your cash
your credit cards
your children
then get back
to work
to get us more
so we can
give you more
of what we have
got for you
service with a smile
from a disconnected voice
that always tells you
you have been selected
you are the next contestant
don't bother coming down
we have already penetrated
your ordinary lives with
our extraordinary volume
and persistent consistency
we are past the hoop
up your ass
deep in your pussy
tweeting your twitter
expanding your market
your horizons
your need
our greed
we didn't just show up
we were here before you were
Dada is home
in your house
eat it all up
and beg for more

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