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Thursday, June 17, 2010



she told me, as she laughed,
her friends called me
batting practice
behind my

I laughed uneasy enough
that she could tell I was
not getting it
so she let
me in
on it

if there was going to be
a switch hitter then
she would go do
batting practice
for a while to
work on her
form or her
swing til
she got
all the

it was something they laughed about
because they knew all the practice
in the world never changes the
original stance a batter takes
they just practice the other
side to be better hitters
when the toughest
pitchers take the
mound in the
long season
of the fall

the old batting coach reference made me smile
as a little tear welled up in my eye

I laughed along so as no one
noticed the tear but me

I was just doing my part
the grateful coach of
the winter season
in the minor

happy just to have someone
want to hold me close
for whatever reason

sometimes love is just
having a place in the
line up or at least
a uniform to put
on so you can
cheer with
your team

maybe even show a rookie
how to switch their stance
in the most crucial moment
pass on my experience
so when the time comes
they never question what
the next step would be
in a clutch situation
they would just
knuckle up
hold tight to the bat
stare down the
hardest pitcher
to get a hit
for your
when they need you
the most

maybe she might even
the old batting practice
the old batting coach

but, usually they don't
once they hit the
big leagues
with their
new team

it's okay
he always remembers them
as he cheers for them
in his heart
as they round the bases
on their own

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