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Friday, December 10, 2010

Afterthoughts of The Decline Pt. 1

warm beer with


was what you

would get

for passing out

too early

or waking up

the same

nowadays you'll hear people say things like,

"yeah, I used to be into that."

as they somehow knew all along

it was meaningless and fading

and I think about how nowadays

Lucky is a lawyer

Milo is a teacher

Henry is an artist

Phranc is a folksinger

and others are bit actors in low budget hollywood

movies and tv or rock-n-roll glamsters on MTV and

many more are something even worse

and I'm still alone

still an outsider

sitting by myself, I put on an old tape

so worn out that you can barely hear

over the muffled grunge of time

and I remember long ago feeling

like I was part of a common voice

it was a feeling that evaporated like

gasoline spilled on a hot July pavement

and after all the time has passed

and all these thoughts and feelings have faded

the one thing I have managed to keep alive

is the bitter taste

of warm beer

with ashes

a. razor, 1987, "Soaked, Bloated and Waiting to Die", Drew Blood Press, LTD.

Afterthoughts of The Decline Pt. 2

you can steal every scene in one take

you can absorb every emotion

with your celluloid sponge

and sell out all the tickets

just so you can rent it back to me

on a rare video cassette copy

in a hip and slick alternative store

you can spin off a sequel

on safer, longer haired, better paid

hollywood rebels

who think they will be considered

shakespeare rediscovered

in a rock fanzine of the future

you can market darby crash suicide kits

to every disturbed kid left

in the wake

of your slasher society

the same way you might sell a piece

of the berlin wall to an east berlin squatter

all of these souvenirs of chaos

and someone elses misery

you can bring a coming of age survival reality

to a theatrical segue climax

for your formula scripting of

post-gen x acting studio


and then finally roll the credits

but, don't expect me to offer any applause

because I have been too numbed

by life's perfect edit

I know I won't go to heaven

and I have already been to

Las Vegas

so all I can do now

is try not to be bought out

so easily and cheaply

next time around

a. razor 1990, "A Chapbook by A. Razor", Dew Blood Press, LTD.

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