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Monday, December 13, 2010

Picking Up Buffalo Nickels Outside The Dakota

Picking Up Buffalo Nickels Outside The Dakota

they call us american myths

but mythos needs religion

as much as religion needs


the feed line gets broken

hunting and killing it's way

back to starvation

we didn't invent glass

but we shattered it

to make political counterpoints

more dramatic

pleasure that was so elusive

is now the main commodity

of a collapsing market

that cannot reassure

it's own existence

regimes look better

in advertisements that use

reality show characters

to sell diplomatic envoy ideas

on secret digital rolodex

cold war encoding devices

that never saw the bullet coming

only presidents falling

into strawberry fields


where they have erected new stores

in many convenient locations

here to help you

with rock bottom prices

to give you a varied diversity of monotheistic choices

that keep some of us hostage

while most of us fight over them

until the birthday is less and less sacred

if it even really ever was

to begin with

in the first place

you will be able to talk about it

amongst yourselves

after the funeral services

that is how plans work

for the living

for the dying

the living always win

every argument

except the last one

characters get assassinated

more quickly than people

so most will die here

with a dead character

falling before them

as anger is the passion

that most feel easiest about

you only have to be right about it


to be right about it forever

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