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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holy Night Upon Us

Holy Night Upon Us

tongues are prepared thusly:

in the slow motion space

the tumbler goes falling

light as a bread box

no anticipation before it

sharp as a bread knife

all crumbs fall away

this salt trade will be

the bloody death of us

shake it up shake it up

shaken unshook

boom shaka


a terrible dilemma is as intravenously skilled

as a method rectory into a manger

of diorama drama

no harm can come to those that...?

just there and now it was

dropped off into an isolated oblivion of lust

lessons never learn lessons in learning

you leave here lost before you left here

here hear /here hear /here herd

the quandary thickens into revelation stew

shout it out, "soups on for two" too late

there is double the pressure in the crack

made by a fisher among humans

a monger among friends

slip silk streams of satisfaction in solipsism

self is surveyed since self sold sacred shares

slicing slits slitting slots solidly

with the sweet sound of assonance grinding its way

across the world's stage in the VIP area

picking up the rainy dollars of every denomination

some pop bottled elastics see the sum of all arts

as crafts are left to walk the streets in a lonely ubiquitous stride

we see the morning chill is all that is felt in time

heroics and status seem as palpable as greek

with a little more spice to make it latin

a little more challenge to make it hebrew

too much sentiment to make alexander the less

speaking mostly farsi to sullen wives of disaster

urging ayurvedic elephants breaking contemplative trees

into forests of orangutans tooth picked into convenience

with snow leopard sanskrit extinction sprinkled on top

of dolphin sushi all you can eat monsanto salad bars

as turkish coffee covers an arabic desert

along a silk route into the last lapdance

of a land war in asia against a sicilian warning

spoken in hushed screams of a germanic language

forced to lose its own alphabet in a blind alley

like teeth knocked loose with a sucker punch

stumbling drunk on christmas eve toward a pagan log burning

reading holy scriptures written in a tyrants blood out loud

all its presents lost beneath the candle wax of ancient oil lamps

all its presence found above the screams of martyred children

as blessed saints with beatific smiles give candied treats to virgins

who fly their cellular planes happily coast to coast and over oceans too

these stories feed the restless dreams of orphans born inside

cold tee pee motel rooms as the reservation runs low on spirits

so we just borrow some from the refugee camps next door

that overflow with solar powered diamond mines now safe for minors

that make up a relentless labor force on a permanent technological

unpaid vacation at the last resort of sacred medicinal incarceration

under the filling stations of the cross into spilled oil wetland dreams

but guests are always uncomfortably welcome in this plastic paradise

promised by the side of the road to an economic downturn blanket

that covers no recovery of lost artifacts that might help you misunderstand

what the give and take could be in the measure of this wholly eve

as the world prepares for a delivered mass of something

be it peace, war, love, will, unity, self, restraint, chaos, hate

it shall all come to pass the leader as they round the final turn

all positions jockeyed for continuously even in stillness

contested loudly with sonic boom even in silence

feared by every stork delivered child of a virgin mother

these are the words of the first coming codex of unenlightenment

it is upon us like wild wind in the countryside

it is past us like the flood waters receding

it is ahead of us like the narrow pass of never

some will see it first as most will see it last

look for it now and forever as it comes to pass

birds fly away from it all

fish swim away from it too

we stay and fight

just to see

the moon that was missed

along with a fabled

star that is never even


to the naked eye

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