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Thursday, March 10, 2011



ignorance walks alone at night in the jungle like a tiger

anger is no place to hide from the timing of right now

sections of self get peeled away against the resistance

like jaggedness to the blind on illuminated pathways

in the classification of souls there are many kinds of holy

holiness is hardly understood by the wholly mind of holy people

all souls rooted in the sojourn rule eternal as if immortal

those that are held by time are nine fold into nothingness

those that have stood at rest upon repentance are six fold

as such with no window into redemption but not forsaken

those souls that have self-originated possess an utterance

of the ineffable truth

(an utterance) existing only in relation to the power of eternal

life and light

there are four types of these souls

the first are as angels on high

supporting light from below

backs arching against the

weight of life as it is

lived among us

the second are those that love truth

they seek it no matter what

the balance or consequence

the third are those that love hope

until all ends, bitter or sweet

in the face of all dangers

against all odds

the lastly, not least

are those that simply believe in this

illuminations originating from within

are incapable of not being connected

to those that are illuminated throughout

the expanding universal explosion

with the ultimate faith of life never ending

that in every explosion there is creation

in every death there is life


of the death of every life

or the birth of every light

for it has a radiance

in all its agreements

that can never be hidden

never be captured

never even be taken

for granted

or overtaken by fear

it is peaceful forever

inside you with wisdom

even tigers change direction

as it approaches them

through the jungle at night

it cannot be trapped for its brightness

from darkness it will always break free

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