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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Street Corner With No Calvary In Sight

Street Corner With No Calvary In Sight

the sound catches wind as it blows down the barren street

it rises and falls like an unplanned symphony of sighs

punctuated by freeway traffic in the distance

drifting in and out of its volume as eyes

try to focus through blurring cold

not too cold, not as cold as it

can get in other parts of

the world, where

steel is hidden

under snow

a white


that covers

everything with

a shimmering mirage

that seems so mystic as it

glistens in the moonlight of

distant daydreams that take me

away from here for a moment that

I need to know its not so bad right now

feeling the missing and the heartaches of

years gone by while I lose my eyesight on this

lonely street corner as people all over the world

suffer a little more than me in increments that can be

measured by world news and body counts piling high in

adverse reaction to the hope some keep close in their hearts

that it will get better, maybe not today, maybe some day, maybe

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