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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swirled Among Clouds Above

Swirled Among Clouds Above

the words that fall short of ears not quite formed in

to what is told to children to warn them of perilous

times ahead

it does no good in the atoms of desire that have begun

to churn into the melodic echoes of screaming synaptic

vacuums of hope

what was done when god was not looking over us was not

the thing that mattered most if you lost yourself inside of it

trapped forever

in the shadow of signs high above us that gave simple direction

inside our hearts intuition with explicit instruction for resulting

outcomes just out of reach

the anatomical mathematics of language never adds up to much

if the reason doesn't come up in the form a new direction at this

turning point we have taken alone

lungs will spill out all the words we ever learned under vacant moons

glistening a spattering of reflections off of percolating waters below

as the heart is coughed onto the rain slicked

pavement into lucid pools of light that arc into

fingertips of doubt that cast a glow on the foxholes

that hide the angry voices inside the mind whose last resort

is to hurl slanderous grenades of destitute arguments against

one last shot at the title, one last turn at the wheel, one last look at

what love did to the grown up fantasy of happy ever after if you only

buy a ticket so you can ride, so you can ride for miles and miles til the

everloving wheels fall off into the cyberkinetic space between what was

once lollipops and unicorns mixed with things you believed in no matter what

until the day you felt it didn't matter anymore, you were all growed up

don't need this moon, don't need this town, don't need this hope

it all holds me back, holds me down, swings me all around

where did you go? what did you do? what can you feel?

this moon this moon this moon this moon

it is never enough what I do, it is never enough for it

I missed something they tried to tell me when I was young

for the life of me, I have tried so hard, I can still never remember

that simple thing, that beautiful thing I was told

I can never remember what exactly it was

those words that fell just short

it never seemed quite right

to not know what they were

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