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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oshima Island

Oshima Island

there is a beach under the pressure

of overwhelming lifelessness

humanity spawned frail

like unfortunate jellyfish

like too much happened

this world is like that

pressure coming down

nuclear poison seeping out

hearts broken in grief and loss

some drifting away like cherry blossoms

blown askance by errant breeze like it was

almost spring on the shore where the land

and the sea took out the time for a world

that was built on the edges so fragile as

this while all that was known to some

was lost in heaps of debris lost in

the smallest tears of a child in the

shouts of emotion left out in the open

on the beach under pressure on the island

under pressure on the minds of the world

under pressure this is our modern time

of relinquished sorrows for those that fall

against the interchanging narratives of loss

weeping out their broken hearts burst with

pain overflowing as we see a world that is

so temporary where we saw it as permanent

so lasting is the stampede of shocking sorrows

this shall be a springtime with a faint whimper

of grateful joy for life as it all dangles on this precipice

as we all dangle on this precipice above this beach together

searching for survivors and pieces of lost lives for memorial

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