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Wednesday, March 9, 2011



she sends pictures from her phone

to show what it looks like there with her

waking up in warmth and softness

with her naked embrace all around

she sends words of encouragement

to those who stumble along, alone

she wants to give hopeful moments away

like they are an innocent dreams shared

maybe she is like a light lick of love

right behind the ear, soft breath on the

moist skin right after

a kind word, in a hushed tone of sexy

there are harder edges than the playful ones

that she pushes all thoughts toward

but, she does not care about them now

she means well, but may be too young to know

she seems to want to share so much, so freely

she may not mean well at all, but she may be

too damaged to care

(maybe she doesn't realize, I have seen it all before)

she might be all that is needed or wanted

in pictures sent from phones

too pretty to hold close right now

too distant to stir much more

than a smile

but, still

I can't help but think

in another place and time

that I might lover her, too

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