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Monday, November 8, 2010

Selling Panties

Selling Panties

we parted ways a while ago

thanks to modern technology

we still keep in touch online

I still love her wild beauty

I still miss her need for

when the world was

all loneliness for

both of us

she is a sex machine cum loud

a real rootin' tootin' pornstar

she is a media frenzy of

ejaculating spectacle

lining her pockets

with the currency

of the sex trade

I don't watch

her scenes

but I smile

when I see

a banner ad

that she is

a part of

recent turmoil in the biz has her calling me this morning

"hey, raze, whatcha doin'?" she asks with a purr

she has perfected a few things, I can tell

because my belly tightens all the way down

"thinkin' bout a few things, now I am thinkin' bout you, mostly."

I say in my most aloof exhale of past desires lost to time never again

"I got a proposition for ya, I need you, Daddy, you still love me?"

I almost laugh, it is so good to be needed though, needed by her

velocity against the heavens like we would be stars together

shooting across all the cosmos into the milky way of night

like supercharged supernovas arcing onto Venus' neckline

like dirty bedazzled space demons of lust streaking into orbit

colliding in a cloud of glittering wet splashes of ultraviolet lightning

"what's yer bag, mama? let me hear your twisted little thoughts on this."

I lay back and listen to the black light spider spin her sticky web

turns out she is not doing scenes lately but has tested aim perfect anyway

she has a lotta guys that wanna give her bread for panties on the web sight

she wants to link herself to my poetry and prose and have me write her

into my erotica the way I used to do (she says that made her so happy then)

she says she is gettin' hot just thinking about it "you getting hot too, Daddy?"

"I am following you, but I want to hear the part where Daddy gets paid, baby."

she breaths a deep huff and moans a lil' bit like pleasure, but I hear the contempt

of a spoiled lil' girl getting her candy taken away too soon "allllright, fucker."

she lays it out with a little less drama in her voice, but still a lot of sex,

I suppose she can't help that, I don't fault her none for it, either

she wants me to come fuck her with no condoms

she wants me to come do it and to not pull out

she wants to make video clips of it that

she wants to send to the trick with

the pair of panties that she puts on afterward

a thousand dollars a pop, she says, I get 200

50 more if I send them a poem with it

a poem about how I love to fill her up with it

so it all drips down out of her into these panties

they can read the poem while they play the video

as they take deep breaths off of the silky encrusted panties

she says it is like they get the full experience of our art combined

our genetic material mixed in together forever as dried inspiration

for moments in future fantasy of abandoned lust into the future orgasm

she sells it so good I can smell her manipulation behind every word

I listen to her elation as she spells it out in a win win situation for all

I tell her I'll think about it seriously

I tell her it is a brilliant marketing plan

she giggles before she says "I love you"

I smile before I say "I love you, too, lil' mama."

I have never been paid to publish my writing

I don't know any publishers who would make me an offer

that would come anywhere close to matching the potential of this

I suppose the economy might make it possible soon

if it's getting to the sex industry like this

publishers might ask me to come inside them

any day now

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