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Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Were You The Day Kennedy Was Shot?

Where Were You The Day Kennedy Was Shot?

in a womb

in Brooklyn

8 months

into it

mom had moved

to new york

from dallas

years before

they called her


she was tall

she was loud

she filled a


like the

lone star


from the

yellow rose


there were

not many

folks from


in brooklyn

back then

after it happened

she stood out

like a target

she was shunned

she was spit on

she was cursed

as the world


very cold

very lonely

even my father

became distant

no one knows


to this day

mom's old boss

jack ruby

shot oswald

in the belly

while I was still

in my mom's


as people


on new

television sets

I was born

a month later

on christmas day

a month

after the


my pops


a couple

of slugs

in the back

of his head

mom took me

up in her arms

to raise me in

sunny callifornia

far from the snow

that fell at the corner

of flatbush and church

the day I was born

but, that question of

where were you the day

they shot the president dead?

that used to be significant

now it means less and less

many assassins

have plied their trade

since that day in dallas

many bullets

have cleaved hope

away from fate

many have fallen

many are never



at all

which makes me wonder, to myself

where will we all be when the next bullet flies?

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