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Monday, November 22, 2010

On A Walk With Poets At The Huntington

On A Walk With Poets At The Huntington

walking along pathways into verbiage jungles of english gardens

coming out into clearing of genkan entry way into nipponese

tea gardens that sing with buddhist bells of birdsongs

accompanied with timpani rhythm of babbling brook

rushing down rocks under dense foliage fanning

above with dragonfly witness to footsteps

passing along intricate pathways up to the threshold

of tarmac crossings into a tea garden of a chinese tradition

that unfolds with hand hewn hunan cobblestones that

capture all footfalls and guide them into ponds of

peaceful contemplation on stone bridges arcing

above clamoring carp of multi-colored luminescence

hidden in brackish waters as they playfully gasp for

entrance into conversation as each one contains

a mythological poet who trades words for moonlight dignity

when all visitors have tread homeward to leave them

reciting their own litanies inspired by the conversations

of mortal wonderment that transpires on the granite

bridges that shadow the shallows of their liquid quagmire

of crowded solitude among turtles that languish for sunlight

in their amphibious shells of natural rewards

everywhere there is safety in this pond

a peacefulness as birds fly overhead

these carp seize nothing more

than morsels that are known

as words that are common

as carp in the ocean

but never more

beautiful as

they are

right here

right now

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