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Friday, November 26, 2010



give and let give

give into it all

give until it


it feels good

to give

so much

give unto us, o lord

thankful for the giving on this one day every year

to signify the start of winter shopping sprees

push the limits of commerce to save us all

the rich are about to get even richer

so don't forget to give

even if you gave

at the office

beware the day of the natives come bearing the keys and deeds

to their casinos and reservations

as they say

"here you are, we have built these up as much as we possibly could

and now we return your noble generosity."

the gift of giving might be given back in return

the gift of living might have been an illusion

all along

these buffalo did not return for you

as you cry inside empty casinos

from a lonely fear

suddenly, the electricity is gone from the world

how many of you speak in the rhythm of drums?

how many of you know what the smoke signals mean?

it is a gift that keeps giving

as your dugout canoe

takes on more water

than your tin cup

can bail out


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