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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Sans Something

Thanksgiving Day Sans Something

Captain John Smith is retired now

he hides in the phone book

among many John Smiths

just like him

He never married Pocahontas

because that takes the fun

out of raping heathens

that wear pretty jewels

far away from home

it is more exotic

without marital


Walt Disney wants the story line to be

always as wholesome as possible

from his liquid nitrogen throne

he changes history the way

a pilgrim never had to

their rhythm was so

natural that their

race would be

pure forever

this corn is so hybrid it makes injuns sick

ain't that a kick in the pants with a

dirty moccasin foot

ha ha ha

this pumpkin pie

is frozen like

Uncle Walt's


it is not made from scratch

like mom used to bake

this turkey has tryptophan

enhanced by Afghan opium poppies

so the next tax cut will help defense spending

along with the black market promises that were made

to guarantee a slower escalation before Christmas

so we can all see those reruns of the halftime show

that were animated back in the sixties when

Suess was still a doctor trying to fix the

broken hearts and warped minds of scared children

he retired a broken hearted man with a warped rhyme

Pocahontas only gets married in animation

in real life she is on a res waiting for a casino check

that has nothing to do with

what John Smith did to her

or pilgrims sharing

blankets of a dying


She cries when Burl Ives sings along

to his banjo by the by


your purchasing power is necessary this Friday

to start the chorus out right

"every little thing is gonna be all..."

quickly changing into

"I gave you everything I got for a lil' piece of mind"

there are many many pieces on this occasion

but, no one seems to mind

even the soup kitchens

are full of festive

movie stars

the pilgrims knew

these are savages and we must make it through this winter

no matter what

god spoke that day in a verse

of pox and cannon fire

it is all so convenient now

let the parade


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